A journal of semi-detached poetry.

Bauke Kamstra - Poems (3)


I've stopped taking photos
everything looks like one
I've started making
snow angels on the roof
instead of the lake.  

Collecting Feathers

Faith has almost no weight
I can hold mine
in one hand
even while climbing mountains
or trees
by concentrating
I bring the mountain to me.


I've gone to the mountain
and found no peace
only snow
silence fills chasms
as much as the wind
all is cold
as for life
there is a crow
or else my huddled body

all else is darkness
slowly the blue
succumbs to heat
under a suspicion of dawn
never asleep
still I awaken
even the crow opens
a dispirited eye
light leaks a perfect note
breaking mountains
within another dawn
realization rises
there is no peace
in a world of rock
& rooks
it remains inside.

     (Text © Bauke Kamstra - Publication: August/September 2017)



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