A journal of semi-detached poetry.

Linda M. Crate - Poems (2)

A Quiet Concert

the water
beneath slants of light
falling between
illuminating river stones
as the jewels of queens and kings
who left their spoils behind
in a great rush
faster than the water tumbling
in formations of
large black rocks and sand,
and here even the crows
know to be quiet
to give respect to those who have passed
before us.

A Place Without Age

here it is still
sunsets and sunrises
both kiss the tops of trees
older and taller than
any human living here
even time cannot touch this place
or change it
every time it is the same
a constant, reassuring laughter of
hills and valleys meeting and greeting one another
where humble farms and forest sing
deer and birds are plentiful
sometimes even a fox can be found in the field
the distant cry of coyotes
can be heard singing to the moon—
nothing is disturbed
except the passing and giving of lives
now and again both human and animal,
a delicate balance entertained in this immortally
youthful place.

     (Text © Linda. M. Crate -  Publication: August/September 2017)



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