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Kelland Ritchie - Poems (2)

Events of the Demiurge

This snowfall is an event
being put on by the
Demiurge and
the flat line of land
is a discernable stripe
in the sightline.

Few know the outline
of the range or the
source of the colorant that
makes up the haze.

Few catalog the progress
of the effect or measure the rate
of the freeze.

This river thaw is an event
being put on by the
Demiurge and
the near shore seems
anterior to the frontward
mountains at the fore.

There's still a bit of
light there;

There's still such an expanse above this.

A Small Amount of Sunset

A certain measure of setting sun
Could've occupied a space
With an alcove up around the cloudbank
In between the spaciousness and the calm.

I can even vouch for that account
Of a sunset written about, a sunset described.
So if you're up around a cloudy bank,
Or a calm and spacious rise — just make it count.


(Text © Kelland Ritchie - Publication: Spring 2018)



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