A journal of semi-detached poetry.

Keshia Mcclantoc - Poem

Coldness be gentle

in winter, i’m told to breathe
in and out
monotonous living
forced frost patterns
decorating my lungs

i tell them
take the blood in my veins
too warm, too roving
weave this pulsing agony
into tender roots instead

i stand in awe
of those who so often
humbly shed their skin
slip into slow demised
awake, ready revival for spring

in winter, i say look up
to naked tendrils
reaching for the skies
barren yet beautiful
branches that seek no end

tell me not to breathe
begging away ragged breaths
instead teach me
how to die
i can learn to be alive again


(Text © K. Mcclantoc - Publication: Winter 2017-2018)



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