A journal of semi-detached poetry.

Eleonor Botoman - Poem

watching lava along big island coast, hawaii

Something of peeling clay or, perhaps, squeezed frosting
  Gentle wax weeping over the altar
                         Something that tastes like proceed with caution

A plush, sunburnt thigh kicked
                                                 Over the cliff’s edge

Yawning up highways & oceans with
       Her island-building teeth

Belching Cheeto puff orange
            onto where the greening cul-de-sac should be

Something that only speaks through
                    red pillow-wrinkles in the night
  Meeting the water’s sweatbeaded cheek with gossiping curls of steam

keep out of children’s reach

(Text © E. Botoman - Publication: Winter 2017-2018)



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